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    Magnetic Window Cleaning Brush

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    This device is designed to clean the exterior of windows from the inside of a building. It typically consists of two parts: an outer brush and an inner brush, each containing magnets. The outer brush is placed on the outside of the window, while the inner brush is placed on the inside. The magnets in both brushes attract each other, allowing the user to move the outer brush across the window's surface by moving the inner brush from inside the building.

    This type of cleaning tool is especially useful for cleaning windows in high-rise buildings or other structures where access to the exterior can be difficult or dangerous. It eliminates the need for scaffolding or ladders, as the cleaning can be done from inside the building. Additionally, because the brushes are typically made of materials such as microfiber or sponge, they can effectively remove dirt, grime, and other debris from the window's surface without leaving streaks.


    Magnetic window cleaning brushes come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different window sizes and shapes. Users should follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure safe and effective use of the device.