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    Hand Massager for Arthritis Physiotherapy

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    You Deserve Painless & Relaxing Days!] This upgraded personal hand
    massage with 30cm lengthen massage area, adopts air pressure and heat
    compression technology to massage all the fingers, palm and wrist part
    to stimulate the acupoints with a waving rhythm. High effectively relive
    hands pain and relax tired tension muscle.

    Treat Your Hands A Professional Spa If you’re suffering hands pain due to
    arthritis or carpal tunnel, or who often use hands do anything such as
    office workers, housewifes, hand workers, our hand massager machine
    would be a kind of life-saver. Improving blood circulation, relieving
    the hand & fingers of any pain, soreness, numbness, or stiffness,
    relaxing tired muscle and deep tissue.
    Air Compression & Soothing Warm Multi layer airbags design can full
    wrap your whole hand and wrist and offers pressure through a rhythmic
    inflate and deflate, many massage nodes interior cloth stimulating human
    fingers. Optional 45℃ heating function for choice. Auto shut off after
    15 minutes.
    LCD Screen & Adjustable Levels Built-in male/ female two modes for
    different size of hands, each mode has 3 intensity levels for choice.
    With the LCD screen on the top cover, you can easy know the level or
    mode Whether for or elders, it’s easy to choose the most comfortable
    massaging level.
    Definitely What You Want] Our electric handheld massager with 2200mAh lithium
    battery, cordless use for anywhere, can last 10 days use after fully
    charged (15 minutes per day). USB Rechargeable, can be charged by
    adapter, pc, laptop. Odering this hand massager and enjoy painless days
    from now on! We offer 60 days return or refund and 1 year warranty.

    Massaging areas: Fingers, knuckles, palm, back of hand, wrist
    Large interior with lengthen design, from the wrist to each finger, get a deep tissue massage.
    Comfortable Hot Compress: Provides 45℃ soothing warm to your hand within few seconds. Promote circulation and relive numbness.


    1. Pain Relief: Arthritis often causes pain and stiffness in the hands. Hand massagers can help alleviate pain by providing gentle massage and promoting relaxation in the muscles and joints.

    2. Improved Circulation: Massaging the hands can enhance blood circulation, which is beneficial for arthritis patients. Improved circulation can help reduce inflammation and swelling in the joints, promoting better mobility and comfort.

    3. Increased Range of Motion: Regular use of a hand massager can help improve the range of motion in the hands affected by arthritis. By loosening up tight muscles and reducing stiffness, hand massagers can enhance flexibility and make everyday tasks easier to perform.

    4. Reduced Stress: Arthritis can be stressful, both physically and emotionally. Using a hand massager can help relax the muscles and alleviate tension, promoting a sense of well-being and reducing stress levels.

    5. Drug-Free Therapy: Hand massagers offer a non-invasive and drug-free approach to managing arthritis symptoms. This can be particularly appealing for individuals who prefer to avoid or minimize the use of medications and their potential side effects.

    6. Convenience: Hand massagers are often compact and portable, allowing arthritis patients to conveniently use them at home or on the go. This accessibility makes it easier to incorporate regular hand massage into a comprehensive arthritis management routine.

    7. Customizable Settings: Many hand massagers come with adjustable settings, allowing users to customize the intensity and type of massage to suit their individual needs and preferences. This versatility ensures a comfortable and effective therapy session tailored to the specific requirements of the arthritis patient.

    8. Affordability: Hand massagers are generally more affordable than frequent visits to a physiotherapist or other medical professionals for manual therapy sessions. Investing in a hand massager can provide cost-effective relief for arthritis symptoms over the long term.

    9. Enhanced Quality of Life: By providing relief from pain, improving mobility, and promoting relaxation, hand massagers can contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of life for individuals living with arthritis. This can lead to greater independence and a more fulfilling daily routine.