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    Smart Sensor Trash Can

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      This smart sensor trash can is a type of garbage bin equipped with sensors that detect when an object or hand approaches it. These sensors trigger the lid to open automatically, allowing for hands-free disposal of trash. 

    Overall, smart sensor trash cans provide a modern and convenient solution for waste disposal, offering benefits such as improved hygiene, ease of use, and potentially reduced environmental impact through more efficient waste management


    1. Motion Sensors: These detect movement or proximity and trigger the lid to open automatically when someone approaches the trash can.

    2. Touchless Operation: With no need to touch the lid, smart sensor trash cans provide a more hygienic and convenient way to dispose of trash, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

    3. Lid Closing Mechanism: Some models have a slow-closing lid to prevent slamming, which can be noisy and disruptive.

    4. Capacity Indicator: Certain smart trash cans have indicators to let you know when the bin is getting full, helping you manage waste more efficiently.

    5. Battery or Rechargeable Power: Smart sensor trash cans may be powered by batteries or have rechargeable options, ensuring continuous operation without the need for a power outlet nearby.

    6. Odor Control: Some smart trash cans come with built-in odor control features such as carbon filters or sealing lids to help contain unpleasant smells.

    7. Design and Durability: These trash cans come in various designs and materials to suit different aesthetic preferences and durability requirements.